You may move your train ticket to somebody else, here’s the way

Move your train ticket to somebody else

If you’re carrying a confirmed reservation ticket and for a number of reasons you can’t travel or have a change in plans, you can move it to another individual or your family member. Here’s a principle published by the Indian Railways, world’s 4th largest railway network, to avail this facility: Chief Reservation Supervisor of major stations are authorized by the Railway Administration at allow the change of name of a passenger using a seat or berth reserved in his name, says a statement released by the Indian railways. 

When the passenger is a government servant, moving on obligation, he/she could make written request twenty four hours before the scheduled departure of trains. The name on the ticket is going to be altered into another individual’s name for which the ticket transport is sought. A passenger may also move his confirmed ticket to another member of the family, meaning, father, mother, brother, sister, son, husband, husband and wife. He/she just have to make a request in writing twenty four hours before the scheduled departure of the train. Another condition applies where the passengers are students of a recognized educational institute. 

In this case, the head of the institution could make a written request 48 hours before the scheduled departure. The reservation made in the name of any pupil can be moved to any other pupil of the same institute. When the passengers are members of a union party, then any individual considered to be head of the group could make a written request 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. The reservation made from the name of some member of the union party could be moved to some other person, in this way. The facility may also be availed by a set cadet of the National Cadet Corps who’ve confirmed reservation ticket/tickets but will need to move it/them to some other cadet. Any officer, who’s head of such a group, could make a written request twenty four hours before the train’s departure. Indian Railways has further stated that such petition will be granted only once. 

Nevertheless, in case of pupils, marriage party and NCC cadets, such petition for a change in excess of 10 percent of the total strength of the group should not be granted.


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