Sunny Leone welcomes twins via surrogacy.

Sunny Leone twins Baby

Sunny Leone shared chose to do surrogacy with a fertilised egg from Daniels genes and my own genes. Asher and Noah are our biological kids And God sent us an angel surrogate to take our boys till they were born.

In June 2017, Sunny declared she adopted a baby girl from Latur. She named the infant, Nisha Kaur Weber. On Monday, the actor took to Instagram to declare that she’s a mother of 2 children by surrogacy – Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber. Sunny also shared a family photo. With the very first photo of her children, Sunny wrote, God’s Plan! June 21st, 2017 was the day @dirrty99 and I discovered that we might possibly be having 3children within a short amount of time. 

We planned and strove to have a family and following a long time our family is now full with Asher Singh Weber, Noah Singh Weber, and Nisha Kaur Weber. Our boys are born a couple weeks back but were alive in our hearts. God planned something so special for us and gave us a huge family. We’re the proud parents of 3 beautiful kids.

Surprise everyone! Well, this really is a surprise for everybody. Sunny also tweeted, Just so there’s absolutely no confusion Asher and Noah are our kids. We chose surrogacy to complete our family several years ago and it is now finally complete: RRB- so happy!

Sunny’s husband Daniel also shared the household photo and wrote: “‘Say” Hello “‘to Noah and Asher Weber !.

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