Sonali Bendre shows her fitness secret

Sonali Bendre fitness secret

Mumbai: Actress and physical fitness enthusiast Sonali Bendre states that eating a healthful diet, including a couple of almonds, each day and a routine workouts regime helps her stay fit. I’ve realized that to ensure my family remains healthful, it’s important I stay healthy and fit myself.

Said the celebrity whilst taking part in a panel discussion titled Badam pe Charcha Working Mother’s Dilemma in strengthening the Family Health organized by the Almond Board of California in on Wednesday. The panel addressed a common conundrum working mothers face, juggling their careers and duties for controlling your stresses the family and their role as mothers, wives and frequently daughter-in-law. 

As being a complete time working mother may lead to emotions of guilt and stress due to split attention between work and family. For working mothers, developing a work life balance is crucial as we have to ensure we don’t forget any substantial part of our lives, our kids, family’s health, our own health and wellbeing, our union and of course our career, said the actress, who’s married to film director Goldie Behl.

The 43 year-old performer said being a working mother, she can comprehend how stress causing the feeling of dismissing responsibilities could be. Adding little changes/additions to one’s daily routine may have a large impact. 

By way of example, eating a wholesome diet including a handful of almonds daily and a regular exercise program, not only helps me keep a wholesome life but additionally balance both my family’s health in addition to my own, Sonali explained. Participating in the conversation, renowned Pilates expert and diet and nutrition adviser Madhuri Ruia reported a couple of almonds might have satiating properties that encourage emotions fullness that keeps hunger for fear of foods. When attempting to juggle between home, family and work, a well-balanced diet and routine workouts can go a considerable way in assuring good health for working mothers.

The majority of us already know about it, but find it challenging to do, Ruia said. The trick is to start small and bite smart. For example, snacking on almonds rather than swallowing calcium-rich snacks to your in between meal cravings could make a wholesome difference in your life, she added.

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