No harm pronounced as 4.4 Berkeley quake rocks bay vicinity

An earthquake measuring 4.4 struck close to Berkeley early Thursday, shaking humans unsleeping throughout the bay vicinity.

The quake became targeted two miles east-southeast of Berkeley at 2:39 a.m., at a depth of eight miles, in step with U.S. geological survey. The quake struck on the Hayward fault near the Claremont Inn, USGS seismologists stated.

social media posts showed that human beings have been wakened from the north bay to San Jose, but there were no on the spot reports of harm or accidents.

“Not anything that we’ve heard of,” a Berkeley police dispatcher said. “We felt it, but we’re no longer getting a variety of calls. Humans are likely asleep.”

Not each person slept thru it, but.

“I’m right by means of Laguna Honda hospital here in (San Francisco) and I’m at the 9th ground of my building and it became pretty frightening how lengthy the shaking lasted,” Edwin Antonio cores Renderos wrote on SFGate’s FB web page.

“felt like a big truck drove into the building or something blew up downstairs. it simply rocked the room and mattress like two or 3 times quick with a decently loud rumble in north Berkeley,” wrote dale fest.


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