Indian Farmer puts up Sunny Leone Poster to Conserve Plants

An Indian farmer has found an odd purpose to get a Sunny Leone poster – setting it up within his Andhra Pradesh farm.

He asserts the poster is rescuing his plants and warding off the evil eye. There are possible areas fans would put a Sunny Leone poster, like their bedroom or room. However, what about a farm? Sounds odd – however, a farmer had done just that! The Andhra Pradesh man, named A Chenu Reddy, made headlines over his choice of a scarecrow’. On the other hand, the poster’s purpose isn’t for scaring away crows – it is, in fact, to ward off the evil eye, of rival farmers. 

Though, The 45 years old is not a lover of the Bollywood starlet. However, it appears he is fairly confident his competitors. Reddy told the Hindustan Times: This season, I have a harvest on 10 acres. This has been attracting attention to villagers and passersby. To ward off their bad attention, I thought of that notion of setting up the significant flax poster of Sunny Leone a day or two ago. This particular poster includes a racy picture of Sunny, who wears a gorgeous bikini. Showing off her figure, she beams a sexy smile. Above there is an inscription that reads: Orey, nannu chusi edavakura! , Maybe a fitting message for the Indian farm. 

Nevertheless, Reddy’s plan seems to be working as he said: The trick has worked. Nobody is looking at my harvest. In the past, a farmer tried the traditional way of putting a scarecrow. Nevertheless, he was unable to put one up this season. For an alternative plan, Reddy decided to put a poster up, tell the news minute: I moved to the computer center and asked them to give me a photo that will deviate the attention of the people away from my plants&hellip, plus they gave me this photo. It appears then the team in the center understood Sunny’s flourishing fame in the nation. 

Formerly, she’s attracted to unbelievable crowds in Kochi – with thousands keen to see her. But, someone else has taken her popularity – at least on Google. Remember India favourite actress, Priya Prakash Varrier? She carries on to dazzle the internet as she gains more followers on social media. The 18 year old became the first Indian star to arrive 610, 000 followers on her first day on the site. She has got a brand new achievement. Priya became the most searched star on Google searches – surpassing Sunny Leone. With this amazing effort, it appears net’s love for Priese is far from over. But despite this, Sunny retains great influence on her Indian lovers, especially the Andhra Pradesh’s competitors. We just wonder if the star herself knows of the farmer’s odd way to save his plants and what she thinks!.


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