What are the advantages and disadvantages of HTML

Hypertext Markup Language(HTML):-

Html is the industry standard for describing the contents and the layout of a web page. HTML is made up of tags and attributes that work together to identify document parts and tells the browser how to display them.


  • HTML is easy to use, learn and implement.
  • No special software required and there is no need to buy HTML software.
  • It contains powerful text formatting facilities.
  • HTML page can be created on any hardware platform using any text editors.
  • Finding an error is easy.
  • The hyperlinking facility, users can traverse to any HTML document.
  • HTML is the only approach to develop a good application.


  • HTML is not a programming language in the true sense.
  • Any type of calculation cannot be done in HTML
  • It cannot be used to display even date.
  • No separate debugger provided.
  • Code complexity increases to make more interactive web pages.
  • Building an interactive web page requires a lot of time.
  • Syntax errors are not identified or displayed by HTML.


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