Valentine Week 2018: Full list of All Valentine’s Days, Pictures

Valentine Week 2018

Valentine’s Day is a special day for every lover and can also be known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. 
Feb is the month which brings us the Valentine week among the best weeks that every couple wishes to celebrate with one another every year. Of all of the times, Valentine’s Day is a special day for every lover and can also be known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. 
Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine of Rome along with other saints and the week preceding the day is celebrated as rose day, suggest a day, chocolate afternoon, teddy afternoon, promise afternoon, hug day, kiss afternoon and lastly Valentine’s Day. 
The Valentine Week begins on Feb 7, 2018, and ends on Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, 2018. Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast day which honored Saint along with some other Christian warrior known as Valentinus. It is recognized as an important day in several nations but is not a public vacation in any nation. 
It is observed that there are a lot of stories about the people who’ve some connection with this day. From them, the most famous one is Saint Valentine of Rome who suffered in prison for the offense of doing soldier’s weddings who are illegal to marry Christians. 
The one who did were penalized inside the Ancient Rome Empire. This is the major story behind the day being dedicated to the love couples. This afternoon comes along with an opportunity to express love to one another. Photo: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

Here’s the listing of the times of this year’s week: 

Rose Day — Feb 7, 2018 — Wednesday 

Rose Day marks the beginning of the love week. On this day, people present roses to their family members as a sign of their love. While red roses are traditionally associated with romance, yellow roses are given to buddies. 

Valentines Day 2

Propose Day — Feb 8, 2018 — Thursday 

Propose afternoon is the second day of Valentine’s week. Get ready for a brand new shock to present to your love on this Propose day. 

Valentines Day 3

Chocolate Day — Feb 9, 2018 — Friday 

Everybody enjoys it, the recipes are endless, and Feb ninth is celebrated as a chocolate daily for fans. Chocolate is the world’s favorite flavors, possibly the most loved taste around the world. 

Valentines Day 4

Teddy Day — Feb 10, 2018 — Saturday 

An adorable teddy bear is the cutest way to allow your significant another know just how much they mean to you! Do this Saturday and see the massive grin on their face. 

Valentines Day 5

Promise Day — Feb 11, 2018 — Sunday 

It’s the afternoon to convey your trust to your family members. Promises build faith in relationships. On this day, fans promise to one another of devotion, togetherness and boundless affection. 


Hug Day – February 12, 2018 – Monday

Once in a while, a Hug will state what words can’t. Simply ahead and ensure you hug your companions, guardians and friends and family this February 12.

Valentines Day 7

Kiss Day – February 13, 2018 – Tuesday

Thirteenth February accompanies the cozy relationship among affection couples in the wake of making a guarantee on guarantee day. A kiss gives an exceptionally uncommon inclination that nobody can take without giving, and nobody can’t give without taking.

Valentines Day 8

Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2018 – Wednesday

The most-anticipated day of February! Valentine’s Day is praised out of appreciation for Saint Valentine, a third-century Roman holy person related with elegant love. Valentine’s Day is devoted to love and sentiment. This year, it will fall on a Wednesday.

Valentines Day 9

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