Tips for hair and skin care before Holi

Tips for hair and skin care in Holi

HYDERABAD: Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop India shares a Couple of tips to have a secure Holi.

Apply Sunscreen: Since we know Holi is an open squall and usually sunny, the first thing of uttermost importance is the face that’s at the potential risk of getting blemished. To prevent the undesirable skin tanning and skin issues, it’s best to employ a sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping outside of your property. It’s advisable to use sunscreen which comprises an SPF higher than SPF 20.

Do not ignore fingernails: Fingernails are as crucial as your own face particularly on the day of Holi where the sensibility of your cuticles and nails is very evident. 

So it’s best to pay attention to areas such as your fingernails and apply jelly as a protective coating. This will help to defend the nails out of consuming Holi colors and also to keep stains away.

Safeguard your Hair: Holi colors can harm your own hair to a fantastic extent. Implementing coconut or a hair oil, half an hour before stomping out can cutback the harm scope to an amount that is nominal. The oil with its natural ingredients will create a shield on your own hair to decrease the ill effect of colors and will make it possible for you to get rid of it later. 

Lip Balm: Don’t overlook to use a lot of lip balm on lips like such as your fingernails, your lips occupy an area of your skin. As there is always a risk of color penetrating into her mouth through lips, it might be nice to apply a thick layer of lip balm jelly liberally. It’ll also help them to stay softer and maintain the moisture.

Cleansing the right ways: Once all the celebration gets finished, comes the real problem of eliminating the colors from your own face. Wash the face with plain water and after that employ, a cleansing lotion or a face lotion over it in order becomes clean from deep inside. It’s essential that the impurity and toxic chemicals release from your skin pores. So it’s appropriate to use a cleanser containing less of compound components and many natural ingredients like tea tree.

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