Serial Kisar Imran Hashmi will be seen in ‘Cheat India’

Imran Hashmi Upcoming Movie ‘Cheat India’

Actor Emraan Hashmi is co-producing a film called ‘Cheat India’. Imran said that the character of this film will be the most historic character of his film career. He said in a statement, “The script and title of ‘Cheat India’ are very powerful. This is the most interesting of all the stories I have read so far and I am very excited about playing that role which I think my film career will have a historical role. I am also eager to work with superb people like Soumik. “
The film is co-producing with Imran T-Series and Alpsis Entertainment. They shared a picture on Twitter on Tuesday, in which they are seen with Bhushan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, and Atul Kasbekar.
Imran tweeted, “Imran is happy to work on ‘Cheat India’ with Hashmi Films T-Series and Alipisis Entertainment, which is based on actual events of Indian education system.”
He said, “This movie is for every Indian student who is under pressure due to the competitive environment. Today’s youth will feel very attached to ‘Cheat India’.

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