Priyanka Chopra joins sues jeweller Nirav Modi and Sidharth Malhotra over non payment of dues

Priyanka Chopra joins sues jeweller Nirav Modi and Sidharth Malhotra over non payment of dues:

Actor Priyanka Chopra, the international brand ambassador of diamond Nirava Modi jewelry house, sued the designer’s company to defraud her. After the news of his fraudulent transactions broke, his tryst with a few Bollywood actors also has resurfaced. Modi, that was named in Punjab National Bank’s 1100 crore fraud. The management of Chopra has alleged that she wasn’t compensated the amount the two parties had agreed on. Priyanka Chopra, that took for Nirav Modi stones with Sidharth Malhotra a year ago, has sued the major name creator for non payment of dues. 

Punjab National Bank has discovered a $1.77 billion misrepresentation connected to Nirav Modi. PNB has additionally named three stone firms that have profited from the extortion – Diamonds R Us, Solar Export, and Stellar Diamonds. Furthermore, today according to reports, Priyanka Chopra also has dragged Nirav Modi in court and has efficiently cut off ties with Nirav Modi. Her team and she had censured him for non payment due to their underwriting bargains. In 2017, Priyanka Chopra had issued a statement My association with Nirav Modi is similar to a meeting of heads in a lot of ways. We’re both fiercely proud of our legacy and are united by the notion of bringing a contemporary India to the international forefront. 

His stones are one of a simple and kind, with an understated elegance. , The viral conflict had also highlighted Sidharth Malhotra and he’s investigating selections to escape his underwriting manage Nirav Modi. Everything began on Feb 5, when CBI booked Nirav Modi, his best sister and the half for allegedly conning the Punjab National Bank for inducing a wrongful misfortune, of Rs 280.70 crore in 2017. The 47-year-old, the country’s chief diamantaires, and a tycoon have made it into Forbes rundown of wealthiest Indians more than once. His total assets, according to the rear magazine, is $1.84 billion. The secretary of the $2.3 billion gem sourcing organization Firestar Diamond propelled his own image with 16 shops in the areas, as an example, Delhi, Mumbai, NY, Hong Kong, London, and Macau. He’s supposedly obtained the Rhythm House to set up his stone boutique.

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