Okinawa Praise E Scooter will run 10 km in 1 rupee, soon will be distributed

Okinawa Praise launched in India

Mumbai: A 10km run scooter is being launched in India soon. The distribution of this scooter will be done soon. So this is a good news for biking lovers.

Japan’s electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa Praise launched in the Indian market in December 2017. The company claims that this scooter is getting a good response from the customers. Earlier, in October 2016, Okinawa brought electric school “Ridge” to the market. During the launch, the company has claimed that the ‘Prize’ is a good version of ‘Ridge’.
 ‘Prize’ is Okinawa’s high-speed scooter. She is available on the ex-showroom of Delhi and is valued at Rs 59,889. The scooter launched in Delhi on December 19th. The company has started booking ‘prays’ at Rs. This scooter will be distributed in Delhi first. It was informed by the company that it will be in other cities.

Okinawa Praise E Scooter in India
These are the features of Okinawa Praise

The Okinawa’s ‘Praise’ has been equipped with a 1000 Volt powered motor. The motor produces 3.35 BHP power. The company claims that this scooter runs 175 to 200 km after charging the flower. According to the company’s claim, this scooter can be run at a speed of 75 hours per hour on the road. So these scooters are charged in 2 hours. The price of this electric scooter on-road is 66,000 thousand rupees.

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