21 Dec

The Highest Paid Pro gaming players

It must sound like an alien idea if I say that you can earn through playing video games, but it is certainly true in the gaming industry. There are an ample of gamers who have turned their fortunes around with the whisk of a game play. The big pro gaming tournaments like Cyberathlete, Electronic Sports world cup among the others produce huge prize money and it is inviting enough for the players to participate in them.
Here is the list of of pro gaming players, which earned the most:

1. Jonathan Wendel:
He is one of the highest paid pro gaming players in the world. Jonathan was born in America and is a successful gamer. His prize money is calculated to be $454,544 from as many as 35 tournaments. His life is fully based on gaming and he is a happy man with such a fortune that he earned from gaming. He has also struck sponsorship deals with the top hardware companies in the world. Jonathan’s story is inspiring enough to turn avid gamers into pro gamers.

2. Lee Young:
Lee Young, who is popularly known by the gamer name Flash, has earned a whopping amount of $437,114 from 40 tournaments so far. He is from South Korea and he is considered to be the most successful StarCraft: Brood War pro gamer in the whole world. He is a very lively personality and spends most of his time playing video games.

3. Jung “MVP” Jong Hyun:
His prize money is estimated to be $377,000 from 42 tournaments so far . He is another Korean who has made a mark in the gaming industry. He is actually a four time winner of the Global StarCraft 2 League. He is known for a totally aggressive game strategy and it helps him take the control of the game situation. He is definitely one of the most popular pro gamers in the world.

4. Jang Min Chul:
He is known as MC in the gaming world and is considered one of the top StarCraft 2 players in the history of pro gaming events. He has made close to $370,000 through professional gaming tournaments. It is important to note that this money has been earned by him after 2010. He has participated in as many as 64 tournaments and is an active professional gamer.

5. Jang “Moon” Jae Ho:
Jang Jae Ho is another successful StarCraft 2 player from Korea who has won $292,019 so far through pro gaming events around the world. He has participated in 43 tournaments until now and there seems to be no stopping to his way to become one of the best pro gamers in the world.